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Max Gunther Center for Amazon Research


Max Gunther Doering

The MGC building in 2008 (approx.)

Fig.: The MGC building with porch in approx. 2008.

Current state of the building (May 2019)

Fig.: The abandoned MGC building in May 2019.

Today the center is close to deterioration. It is high time to save the building! It is still feasible to refurbish it.

The roof is still intact, as well as the wooden pillars suporting it.

Some of the wooden pillars supporting the floor are rotten and have to be replaced as well as some elements of the floor joist.

The front wall is missing.

Measures to be taken

  1. Replace the wooden pillars supporting the platform with concrete piles
  2. Replace the rotten floor joists
  3. Waste disposal
  4. Construct a new front wall


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